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Agrochemical company GROSSDORF - quality confirmed by time.

Own production

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Agronomic and economic efficiency

The Grossdorf agrochemical company started its activity in 2001 and since then has been confidently gaining knowledge and experience.

Agrochemical company “Grossdorf” is primarily a producer of mineral fertilizers, one of the leaders in the production of UAN in Ukraine, importer, supplier and end consumer of mineral fertilizers. Agrochemical company "Grossdorf" has a well-developed material and technical base, including its own plant for the production of: liquid fertilizers (LCF, UAN, USM), storage for liquid fertilizers with a capacity of over 10,000 tons, facilities for the production of bulk granular fertilizers, several agrochemical warehouses in different regions of Ukraine.

“Grossdorf” agrochemical company for many years engaged in its own development, production and sale of high quality chemical products used by modern farmers. Highly qualified specialists of our company in cooperation with specialized research centers have developed their own wide range of fertilizers, which have improved characteristics and high content of nutrients, trace elements and growth activators. Extensive experience in this field and the availability of high-tech production equipment allows our company to produce the highest quality, popular and affordable products in the modern market of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine and the CIS. Unlike many other domestic companies that produce mineral fertilizers, our company in a period of complex economic reforms has been able to maintain its production potential, occupying one of the leading positions among the largest manufacturers and exporters of these products.

The main principles of “Grossdorf” agrochemical company are:

v extensive experience in the professional field;

v a wide range of high quality products;

v long-term cooperation with trusted partners;

v use of modern innovative developments;

v use of high-tech equipment;

v full compliance with international quality standards;

v individual approach to each client;

v maximum efficiency of order processing;

v high level of customer service;

v reasoned pricing policy from the manufacturer.

“Grossdorf” agrochemical company has chosen the priority of its own development production and sale of only high quality products at the most affordable price. That is why our team is constantly working to expand production capacity, improve advanced technology, replenish the company's fleet and upgrade technical equipment.

In order to prevent fraud:

Official details of “AGROCHEMICAL COMPANY GROSDORF” Limited Liability Company 

USREOU code 37412312

Legal address: 02121, Kyiv city, Verbytskoho street, house 30 A, office 3

A/c UA923071230000026002020342613, JSC «BANK VOSTOK», Dnipro city, MFO 307123

Phone/fax: Phone: (0472) 33-46-85 e-mail:

Agrochemical company GROSSDORF - quality confirmed by time.

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