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EXW/FCA Khatsky

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The goods can be delivered on the terms of self-pickup and / or can be delivered to any region of Ukraine by own road / rail transport.

TU number:

TU U 20.1.36584168-006:2019


Density, g / cm3




Mass fraction of total sulfur,%


Mass fraction of total nitrogen,%


Urea-ammonium nitrate mixture with UAN sulfur

UAN (N28 + S2)

Conclusions after the introduction of different types of UAN, proved that the best results were obtained using EuroUAN + Sulfur, which is produced by the agrochemical company “GROSSDORF” (Grossdorf).

On gray-deficient soils and crops with an increased need for sulfur-containing compounds, EuroUAN 28 + S shows better results than more concentrated mono-nitrogen fertilizers.

Unique composition contains three forms of nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate, amide), which allows to provide a rational prolonged plant nutrition.

It does not contain free ammonia, which causes nitrogen loss during transportation, storage and application, thereby increasing the utilization of mineral nutrients.

Effective, even with limited soil moisture.

Serves as a matrix for simultaneous use with trace elements, biostimulants and plant protection products.

Complete mechanization of the application process is guaranteed to ensure high uniformity and accuracy in application; used as a straw destructor. High economic efficiency and fire and explosion-proof fertilizer.