The bag
Terms of sale:

EXW/FCA Khatsky

Delivery terms:

The goods can be delivered on the terms of self-pickup and / or can be delivered to any region of Ukraine by own road / rail transport.

TU number:

TU U 20.1-36584168-008:2019


Appearance, color.

Granules of the correct form, gray color.

Total nitrogen in terms of N,%


Total phosphorus,%


Granular composition,%

less than 1.0 mm no more

from 3 to 5 not less than 6 mm

less than 6 mm




Nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer granulated with sulfur Sulfoamofos

NP 20: 20 + 15 (S)

The high sulfur content makes the fertilizer effective for crops characterized by high removal of this element, as well as on soils with low availability of available sulfur.

Has a universal nature of application.

The equivalent ratio between nitrogen and phosphorus makes the fertilizer a good choice for sowing.